Sealing rings – Type V

Type V sealing rings, forming a package, found broad application for sealing assemblies in the reciprocating motion and valve spindles.

The package consists of:

- supporting ring
- type V sealing ring
- pressure ring

The sealing rings are most often made of various types of rubber, however their application is limited by: the working temperature and the chemical environment. In contemporary designs, when the working temperature is in excess of +200oC, and the chemical environment is aggressive (both alkaline and acidic) PTFE composite materials with various metallic and non-metallic fillers are very useful. As the need may be, the packages of type V sealing rings are built of two different materials, e.g. T/T3WG/T.

In the technical conditions in our company these rings are manufactured based on two different techniques:

1. Mechanical working of rings from a semi-finished product in form of a roll or a tube blank,
2. Pressing finished rings in closed moulds, without any need for mechanical working.