PTFE guiding belts

PTFE belts

The major task of the belt consists in precise guiding of the /pneumatic or hydraulic/ actuator piston inside the cylinder, also in vehicle shock absorbers and household equipment.

This design ensures uniform pressure on the sealing elements and their uniform wear, also protecting against contact between metals – the piston and cylinder.

The suggested guiding belts are manufactured in the following sizes:

1. Width of the "b" belt: between min 3 mm and max 50 mm

2. Tolerance for the belt width:
- 0.15 mm for Ł 10 mm,
- 0.20 mm for b Ł 20 mm,
- 0.25 mm for b > 20 mm

3. Thickness of the "g" belts: between min 0.5 mm and max 5 mm

4. Tolerance for the thickness: - 0.05 to – 0.10 mm