Membranes for pumps and chemical reducers

Pump membranes

Compressed air driven membrane pumps are a very advanced pump design for pumping liquids.

The pump comprises 2 cooperating membranes, connected by an axis. The membrane which makes the pushing motion draws the second membrane along via the common axis, whereby the second membrane makes the liquid suction motion.

Our company has developed and implemented into the production process the technology of manufacturing 3-layer membranes for versatile use, as the surface of the membrane which forms the suction and force space is made of a film made of PTFE warp based material.

Reducer membranes

In many chemical processes maintenance of a constant pressure in the reactor is an essential issue. In such cases membranes are used to control the needle which closes the reactor space. In higher parameter processes – both thermal and pressure, PTFE composite materials have been developed to produce membranes with the required shapes and dimensions.

Membranes made of these composites meet the requirements for their use and moreover, they are featured by two times longer life in the case of rubber.