Manufacturer of materials for technical packing.

The MATERSPEC Company is the manufacturer or self-lubricating materials based on pure PTFE and PTFE composite materials with inorganic fillers, such as: glass fibre, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, carbon, bronze, brass, /titanium white, alundum, antimony, nickel/*.
The range of operations of our company also comprises graphite materials saturated with fusible bearing alloys and materials bound with thermo- and chemo-setting epoxy resins/.
* for specific working conditions


We design slide elements for machines and equipment operating in rotary and reciprocating motion, static and mobile sealing elements, composite materials for specific working conditions.


We offer semi-finished products - sleeves, rolls, sheets, flat bars, and finished products – guiding belts and rings /OW3/, blades for vacuum pumps /dry and wet/, sealing rings with an elastic element, piston rings for oil-free compressors, slide bushing, membranes for pumps and chemical reactors, slip strips, static seals, type V sealing stock-piles, gaskets for ball valves, ball bearings made of graphite materials, PTFE seals /for screw-on lids of chemical reagent packaging/ and other elements made of PTFE-based materials, according to the documentation delivered by the Customer.


The SELF-LUBRICATING MATERIALS term originates from their physical and chemical properties, particularly the very low friction factor in cooperation with other materials in dry friction conditions. This feature is the reason why elements made of these materials do not need the use of lubricants when in motion.