Graphite ball bearings

Ball bearings

They are used in the full-width scouring machine tubes. The process of textile treatment in the scouring machine, is run both in weak acid and base baths. The temperature of the bath does not exceed 100oC. The work conditions require the use of ball bearings made of graphite or carbon material with epoxy resin - symbol of material: EGW1.

The ball bearing material is featured by the following physical and chemical properties:

  • apparent density
  • absorbability in water
  • Shore hardness "D"
  • friction factor
- above 1.8 kg/dm3
- below 2 % by weight
- above 75 oSh
- below 0.15

Dampers in ventilation systems in power plants and boiler houses are yet another application for ball bearings.

They are made of the following raw materials:

  • Fine grained graphite materials saturated with bearing alloy OT-8 and antimony - WSO

  • thermo-setting, e.g. epoxy bound resin based graphite materials - 4E52DX