The technological process of manufacturing sleeves of PTFE based materials consists in block pressing in closed moulds. This method allows the achievement of the most advantageous quality parameters, but the height of the moulded piece is limited. The height of the sleeves produced does not exceed 100 mm, whereas the dimensions of sleeve diameters (fz/Ow) are specified in the table below.


List of sleeve dimensions
Ø19/Ø12 O116/O78 O204/O129
Ø30/Ø12 O116/O101 O204/O156
O38/O16 O125/O52 O204/O140
O44/O20 O125/O80 O233/O200
O47/O20 O125/O104 O236/O190
O53/O19 O125/O115 O237/O209
O63/O20 O140/O68 O238/O188
O63/O42 O140/O80 O239/O207
O67/O52 O140/O95 O240/O150
O68/O20 O140/O117 O248/O150
O70/O32 O145/O130 O248/O173
O70/O40 O154/O129 O248/O200
O76/O48 O157/O109 O262/O230
O77/O32 O159/O83 O268/O208
O82/O40 O166/O112 O275/O190
O82/O58 O166/O118 O275/O237
O83/O52 O180/O117 O277/O188
O83/O73 O180/O137 O296/O230
O89/O42 O180/O143 O298/O255
O90/O60 O180/O156 O300/O244
O94/O30 O184/O146 O325/O282
O95/O64 O189/O143 O325/O295
O95/O74 O190/O88 O328/O255
O97/O48 O190/O104 O328/O273
O97/O78 O190/O130 O330/O160
O103/O84 O190/O158 O330/O288
O105/O60 O197/O158 O345/O296
O110/O63 O203/O175 O375/O296

Tolerance for the sleeve diameters dimensions: positive (+) for external diameters and negative (-) for internal diameters is as follows:

- for diameters – up to 50mm – 1.0mm
- for diameters - 50-150mm – 1.5mm
- for diameters - 150-400mm – 2.0mm